Sailing 2017 – now to 2018 sailing season

    Looking back over a great sailing season in 2017.  Plenty of sailing in the Solent as usual – teaching, regattas, corporate days, stag & hen dos.  Also memorable trips to St Vaast, Weymouth and Dartmouth.  All lovely places to sail.  Dartmouth was the most challenging as we had the wind against us both ways! Both Dartmouth trips were also very wet.  The rest were magical – great wind and sun.  The highlight was a week in Croatia –  […]

Cracking Sailing in 2017

Some great sailing all year – not much time on dry land. Plenty of teaching, trip to St Vaast, Weymouth, heading to Devon next week, Croatia in August, then plenty in the Solent.  Some very hot and sunny days, one rather wet, some very windy – whatever the sailing has been fabulous.

Osborne Bay

No wind so a long lunch in Osborne Bay. Great sport to watch.  This was really impressive – very well set up with lots of control lines and some very good dives ….and some interesting ones.  These guys had skills! No wind so swimming and ‘chilling’ out was in order.  Ice cream boat came around too.

Lulworth Cove to the Needles

Fantastic sail from Lulworth Cove to Poole and the next day back to the Solent. So fast we got to the Needles before the tide turned so it was a bit bumpy.  Just shows how quickly conditions change. Overall a magical 4 days with a great family and the children did well in their competent crew.  

Competent Crew couse in Lulworth Cove

Had such fun teaching competent crew after lunch in Lulworth Cove.  We did dinghy practice first and that is always fun. What a beautiful place to be teaching/learning.  hard not to smile. Note the fantastic spread we had for lunch.

Weymouth to Lulworth Cove

Recent trip to Weymouth – so pretty and so nice to be in the centre of the town with its colourful buildings.  Great mix of yachts old and new and commercial fishing vessels.  Good downwind sail to Lulworth Cove flying the cruising chute. This is a great coastline – magnificent scenery.

Solent Weather

Two days apart and how different the weather was.  That is what makes it such fun sailing in and near the Solent.  Both days were warm and both days were great fun.  One day you are in shorts and T shirts, the next in full wet weather gear and 25+ knots of wind.  It just makes you appreciate each day for what it is.

Stag Sailing Weekend Solent

Back from latest stag sailing weekend.  As ever the guys were keen to learn and get involved.  We sailed to Newtown Creek – too shallow to stay so we anchored just outside and a few hardy guys swam.  A good downwind sail to Cowes.  Safely tucked up in North Basin away from the beautiful Classic Yachts gathering for the Panerai Regatta.  How yachts have changed – whilst I like the comfort of modern yachts you cannot help admire the beauty […]

Eventful Day on the Solent

An eventful day the week before last. Two completely unrelated events – having to climb the mast and later a ‘slight’ injury to my arm.  It started off as such a calm nice day on the Solent with a great group on board.  Little did we imagine how it would all turn out.  

Solent Stag Sailing Weekend

A fab stag sailing weekend with a great group.  Light winds made for an easy start on Saturday but some real sailing in 22 knots of wind on Sunday.  The guys really got ‘into it’ playing the main sheet in the gusts and they seemed to love the adrenalin rush as the gusts came through and we heeled ‘a little’. Had a routine repair to do at the top of the mast in the morning and got some great shots […]