RYA Sailing Courses, Theory, Practical & Informal Practice Days

Learning to sail on the Solent is the best place to learn. ‘If you can sail on the Solent you can sail anywhere’. As a qualified RYA cruising instructor, I teach Start Yachting, Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses through various RYA Sailing Schools.  I can advise/organise the other courses through RYA accredited schools.

I have been working with Mason at Taking The Helm who teaches Day Skipper Theory over the winter months and is superb.  It is so important to do the theory course before the practical course.  Over the winter months Mason can be reasonably flexible on where and when to do the theory course – often doing private lessons in your own offices.

I also do informal training days for people to practice sailing techniques. Members of my sailing group receive specific invitations. Dates published on my events and Facebook pages. Cost varies depending on how many people sign up but circa £150 per person per day.

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Prices below are an indication as they do vary according to which school.

RYA Course Price
RYA 2 days Start Yachting £199 per person
RYA Competent Crew 5 days (either Monday to Friday or a 2 & 3 day weekend £525 approx
RYA Day Skipper 5 days (Monday to Friday or 2 & 3 day weekends £575 approx
RYA Coastal Skipper 5 days (Monday to Friday) £575 approx
RYA Day Skipper Theory Course, Classroom £350 per person
RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course, Classroom £360 per person
RYA Diesel Engine maintenance £100 per person
RYA First Aid £110 per person
VHF Operators Licence £100 per person plus £30 for photo licence
RYA Sea Survival (inc pool session) £110 per person
RYA Radar Introduction £100 per person

Sail Cruise Books

RYA Day Skipper Course Outline and Pre Course Requirements – see attached  (Essentially 5 days sailing, 100 miles and 4 night hours)

RYA Competent Crew Course Outline and Pre Course Requirements – See attached (Essentially no pre course requirements)