Family and Friends

Are you looking for family breaks or an activity day? Getting together with friends and or family? Are you trying to find ideas for a weekend away or a day out? Sailing may be the perfect solution for you. Essentially a cottage on the water with an activity built in. The essence of Solent Yacht Charter.

We work with the wind and tides but a sailing day can still be flexible to suit individual preferences and yet everyone is together. It is a great format for a group of friends to do as much of an activity as they want whilst still chatting and catching up.

You don’t have to know how to sail. You can hire a professional skipper (usually me) along with the boat. The skipper is there to keep you safe but very much wants to ensure you get the best out of the weekend and do as much or as little as you like.

A sailing weekend can be very active – there is always something to do but full on action is not compulsory for everyone. If there are several people on the boat you may prefer to simply relax and soak up the ambience of ‘life on the water’.

The western end of the Solent is quieter, very scenic and has many picturesque bays. The beauty of sailing is that you are part of the event even if you want to relax and not get involved with the action – unlike many other activity weekends.

A typical weekend

The sailing boats are available from 1800 on Friday evening. People tend to settle in and then go out for a meal – perhaps BBQ as there is a BBQ area in Lymington Yacht Haven.

The skipper joins the boat Saturday morning when you set sail for perhaps Cowes which is a quaint but international yachting centre where you can party or enjoy a quiet meal. There are plenty of other options too.

At the end of the day when you are safely in the Marina it is nice to enjoy a drink on the boat and watch the world go by, absorbing the boating atmosphere.

You stay on board both Friday and Saturday. On Sunday morning when you are ready we set sail back fro Lymington – arriving so you can depart from the boat no later than 1600.

Please contact me to chat about your family or friends sailing weekend.

Food and Drink

You can bring as much or as little food and drink as you like. You can eat on the boat or ashore. There are numerous options both ashore or at anchor in one of the bays – Osborne Bay, Alum Bay, Newtown Creek or Beaulieu River to mention a few. You can swim in some of them too.

There is a hot water shower on the stern of the boats to wash off the salt water.