Solent Sailing and Channel Trips & More

Why use Kirsten Hunter for Solent Sailing

Want to go sailing? Don’t know how to? Don’t have a boat or like minded friends who also want to sail?

Joining organised sailing trips is an ideal way to try it out. There are not many options for doing this but I will organise such an event. If you love it and want to do more I can help guide you with what you need to do.

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You can take part personally in some of the key sailing regattas such as Cowes week and Round the Island.

Racing options

  • Charter a boat and skipper and sail race with a group of friends.
  • Charter a boat bareboat and enter yourself with friends if you have the qualifications.
  • You can also pay for separate berths and join a boat of individuals who want to race.

The Round the Island Race

This race has some serious top class racing yachts but it is also very much a fun family and friend sailing day. With 1800 boats it is an incredible spectacle to watch or take part in.

It is also a great to sail round the island as a separate different type of sailing day – not on the annual race day. Sailing around the Isle of Wight can take 8 to 12 hours (and longer) depending on conditions so you need to be prepared. It is spectacular scenery.

Cowes week

Cowes week is usually the first or second week of August and has 8 days of racing with many classes of boat. It is truly and international yachting event with endless parties and socialising in the evening. A unique experience.

Hamble Winter Series (October to December)

Join like minded individuals (level of experience irrelevant) to experience and learn racing techniques. You can choose to enter one or all five races. We include a valued practice day on some weekends. Novices welcome to learn in a ‘relaxed’ but focussed environment. Read more about the Hamble Winter Series.

Trips across the English Channel

Many people want to sail across the Channel to France or the Channel Islands. This is a challenge many want to achieve to build sea miles, to get the experience or simply because it is there. Individuals or groups can book for these – usually over a 3 day weekend. Hire a boat and skipper.

This is a good option for newly qualified skippers who want to put their learning into practice but want the security of having a professional skipper on board. Alternatively pay for a single berth and join other individuals who want to do this. Try the sailing adventure.

Sailing in the Solent

There are also sailing weekends around the Solent where you can pay for a single berth and join other individuals who want to try a weekend sailing. See my news page, Facebook page and perhaps join my mailing list.