Bareboat Charter

If you have the qualifications (minimum RYA Day Skipper and VHF) then you can usually charter a sailing yacht yourself for a day, weekend or longer (Bareboat Charter).

To sail outside of the Solent or to night sail you would need RYA Coastal Skipper and across the Channel you would need RYA Yachtmaster. Whilst the requirements are broadly the same for all companies, there are some variations and I will ensure you are aware of the relevant company’s requirement.

Taking a boat bareboat means you can take the boat with your friends and or family – you are responsible for all aspects of the boat and people.

If you are planning UK sailing – the Solent is perfect. Chartering a yacht from Lymington is convenient with great access to the Solent and the many picturesque bays and marinas that are within easy reach.

You may feel nervous the first or second time even though you are qualified. Frequently newly qualified skippers would like a professional skipper on board for their first few trips or the first day of a week charter – see Hiring a Skipper.

I love helping people get sailing. I know how busy everyone is. I remember the issues when I started sailing. I have sailed on lots of boats in the Solent. I think I can help you save time and get the appropriate boat.

Please contact me to discuss your boat hire