Team Building and Team Rewards

Why choose sailing for your team activity and team reward event

Sailing is great for building the team as you are all learning together and you can’t get off the boat until it is berthed in a marina!

Some people are nervous about getting on a sailing boat and others ‘up for a challenge’. Colleagues soon see how to help each other – whether practically, teasing or generally being supportive. Coping together certainly builds team spirit.

Many team building exercises require significant discussion time working out what or how to do something. With sailing you are immediately active.

Team building days need to be participative and are usually action based. With sailing your are involved in the activity even if you can’t be fully active – you are on the boat and in the ‘thick of the action’. You still learn and see the benefits of working as a team.

It is a great natural and practical team building activity as almost every activity on a sail boat requires people to work together. Sailing very clearly demonstrates what team building is about and feedback is immediate – if you don’t work together the boat stops.

This principal can be applied back in your office to continue to motivate a team – referring to the various sail manoeuvres of tacking, gybing, helming and the terms ‘ready about, lee ho, standby to gybe……’. Many other sailing terms are used in general life so a sailing day is a great base to refer back to as you develop your team. It is not a ‘one day wonder’ easily forgotten.

Team Building

Team building works with one boat or more. Companies of all sizes hold mini regattas (yacht racing) and team building days. Sailing events vary in size from 5 to 150 people. Yacht racing seems to focus and motivate a team.

Team Reward

Sailing and yacht racing are incredible team reward events – significantly different to most type of team reward events with the added advantage it develops team spirit and works as a team building day too!

A typical team building day and team reward day

We generally start in the Lymington Yacht Haven Bar, meeting for breakfast, making a short walk to the sailing boats. The short safety briefing particularly highlights the need for working together as a team. We then set out for some Solent sailing.

Your Team Building Event works with one boat or several. With two or more matched sailing boats there will be some sailing race. The teams have a chance to familiarise themselves with the boat and learn the basics of sailing and working as a team in the morning before doing some yacht racing around some of the Solent buoys in the afternoon. Several races give more chance to practice and demonstrate what people have learned.

Lunch can be in one of the many picturesque bays with the sailing boats rafted to each other or in one of the many sailing clubs, pubs or restaurants around the Solent. There are lots of lunch venues to match budgets and requirements generally.

Costs are often an issue for these team events so there are generally more people on each boat for team building sailing days which obviously brings the price per person down – these can be fully discussed.

Variations to your team activity

It is possible to charter the sailing boats for two days (or more) allowing your colleagues a more leisurely start on the first day and to get home a reasonable time on the second day minimising the time they are away from their families. You can stay on the boats overnight or stay in local hotels. We often go to Cowes (international yachting centre) but there are other options. Another option is to combine some form of team meeting one day in a local hotel followed by a sailing day. The options are endless.

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