Corporate Sailing

Why sailing is such a great day for a corporate or personal activity

You do not have to be able to sail – a professional skipper will show you what is involved and work with you to get the best out of the day. The skipper will also keep you safe.

Being on the water in a sailing boat with the beautiful Isle of Wight and South Coast scenery all around provides a brilliant day or weekend. It is a perfect change to the hectic pace in normal life and so will be remembered all the more by clients, colleagues and friends.

Sailing is participative and there is always something to do. As skipper I aim to get everyone involved steering the boat and working the sails. I also recognise when people don’t want to be active.

I understand many people are nervous and simply don’t know what to expect and I do my best to help them – most people soon love it and feel extremely satisfied with what they achieve – even the people who are most nervous about getting on a boat.

For those people who are not taking an active part in the sailing they are still very much ‘in the activity’ and part of the group – you are all together on a boat so you do not miss any of the action or conversation. This is unique to sailing.

We have to work with the weather and tides but a sailing day or weekend can be adapted to make the best of these and to meet what each group wants. Also the Solent seems to have its own micro climate – the Isle of Wight does appear to have better weather than the mainland but no one can guarantee the weather.

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